I'm an Experience Designer with 9+ years as a strategist, designer, and leader in UX Design (XD), Customer Experience (CX) and Interaction Design (IxD) for award-winning products 

Doug Aitken's The Source

Doug Aitken's The Source

Embody the experience of an in-person installation into a digital one

My Role: UX Designer

My Duties: interaction design (wireframes), visual design (user interface)

Project Overview: The challenge was to embody artist Doug Aitken's film installation, The Source, in a digital experience. The content of the films consists of a ongoing series of curated conversations between Doug Aitken and creative minds across a variety of fields.

Solution: The majority of the UX effort was spent designing how the user would navigate through the site. We needed to extend the reach of the art installation to those who are unable to experience it in person. This afforded us the opportunity to visualize common themes across the various conversations. Just as a viewer can move around the pavilion in person, the site allows viewers to follow the thread of common themes between films.


Navigation Diagram (Wireframe)

Translating the experience of the installation into a digital one took most design effort via the navigation. This was not your typical navigation. The user was able to move through the themes - Place, Process, Chaos, Motion, Patterns or by selecting an artist and diving right into their video.


User Interface Design

The UI design was a collaboration between myself and the creative director. We were inspired by my navigation diagram wireframes - keeping the UI very simple, using a color to represent each theme and focusing on the video content.

Brown University

Brown University

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