I'm an Experience Designer with 9+ years as a strategist, designer, and leader in UX Design (XD), Customer Experience (CX) and Interaction Design (IxD) for award-winning products 

Brown University

Brown University

Designing an alumni site to give supporters a one-stop-shop for making a difference

My Role: Senior UX Designer

My Duties: interaction design (wireframes), visual design (user interface), user research (1-on-1 in-person interviews), visual data mapping, sitemap, user flows

Project Overview: Brown University needed a giving experience that lives up to its ethos - a single place for alumni, parents, and donors to be inspired by Brown’s vision and to support the Brown experience.

Solution: Brown alumni love staying up to date on their alma matter - it is one of the top reasons alumni make donations to the school. They feel attached to their university.

We reimagined what giving to Brown would look like by building a new digital hub that enabled a custom user experience as unique as a Brown education. We came up with the idea to design a site that updated alumni on all the news, stories and events going on at Brown. We made it possible for Brown to have a conversation with alumni, but also asking for support via those news, stories and events that interested them.

The site worked in the way that on the initial visit, a user would filter to find content that interested them by selecting from a detailed list of filtered topics. Whenever the user returned to the site they would only be updated with content that interested them - enticing them to want to donate. Research showed that alumni like giving back to classes and departments that they felt an attachment to.

This was an Agile design and development project. We had five 2-week sprints that consisted of daily stand-ups and end-of-week showcases to the client.


The Journey To Give Back (User Flow)


Site Map


Content Mapping Diagram


Site Structure (User Flow)


Site Structure (Wireframe)

USPS Operation Santa

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