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USPS Operation Santa

USPS Operation Santa

How can a digital experience reshape the definition of giving back?

My Role: Senior UX Designer

My Duties: product design (wireframes and interaction design), user research (product testing), sitemaps, user flows

Project Overview: We partnered with USPS to formulate a way for people to help give underprivileged children a happy Christmas in different areas of the country. USPS wanted a website to go along with their “Operation Santa Letter Adoption” initiative they have every year that lets people adopt letters that have been written to Santa and provide gifts to the children who wrote the letters.

We built an interactive website in light of the 2019 holiday season that features these letters and an easy way for users to adopt and shift gifts to the recipients.

Solution: We created an experience that allows users to browse through all the Santa letters sent in to USPS and choose a letter that they like then proceed to adopt that letter - we wanted to put the user in full control of the adoption experience by allowing them to read and adopt as many letters as possible.

Through user research we also discovered users like to partake in charities like Operation Santa through work. Our answer to that was to create a way to adopt letters as a team so that offices and other large groups of people could adopt letters together.


Global Site Map


Site Structure (Wireframe)


Ways To Adopt (User Flow)

User can adopt letters by themselves or with a team


Ways To Adopt (User Personas)

Analyzing the different personas of users that come to adopt on Operation Santa

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Brown University

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