I'm an Experience Designer with 9+ years as a strategist, designer, and leader in UX Design (XD), Customer Experience (CX) and Interaction Design (IxD) for award-winning products 



Building a brand's user engagement through easy-to-use shopping tools

My Role: Senior UX Designer

My Duties: interaction design (wireframes), usability testing (1-on-1 testing, A/B testing, survey), content strategy, sitemap, user flows

Project Overview: HD wanted a redesign of key shopping tools that help users with their purchase decision - the ultimate goal for H-D is getting users to contact a dealership and come in to test ride the product.

I was asked to simplify the experience for the following tools: ‘Compare Bikes’, ‘Estimate A Payment’ and ‘Test Ride’. 

Solution: We wanted to design tools that were much more intuitive for the user. Spending less time on the tool, but getting the necessary results speedily, only led to the ultimate next step - contacting a dealership and scheduling a test ride.

We did a UX and interaction design review of the existing tools, we conducted usability research to support the new interaction design ideas, we got approval from client and then we sent out prototypes to be tested by users. Strategy, research, design, testing.

The results we designed are a suite of tools that enable the user to think less, but swiftly get the information they need to proceed in making the important purchase decision.


Shopping Tool: Compare Bikes (Wireframes)

Other Compare tools are littered with details, lists, selection states, and an abundance of options. My goal was to create a tool that was defined by its simplicity - select a bike, see details, select another bike, see details ...and so on and so on.


Shopping Tool: Estimate Payment (Wireframes)

Estimate Payment is one of the most popular tools on H-D.com. Users tend to understand the pricing of a bike before they move forward with contacting a dealership - they like to be as prepared as possible. I created a simple tool that allows users to enjoy the "dream state" of planning a bike purchase. I also wanted to make it as simple and stress-free so that users could sell the idea of financing a bike to a wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend.


Shopping Tool: Test Ride (Wireframes)

A user can't actually purchase a bike on H-D.com. Scheduling a test ride is the next best thing. H-D wants to get customers in the dealership and on a bike, so that the salespeople can push for a purchase. I had to make sure the scheduling a test ride experience was simple, quick and hassle-free - that would ensure excitement from the user to get inside a dealership right away to test ride.


Website: Motorcycle Listing Page (Wireframes)

I was tasked to design out what a motorcycle product list page would look like, because this was a key area on the site that H-D could push users to interact with the shopping tools. I created several feature sections on this page that called out the tools.

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