I'm an Experience Designer with 9+ years as a strategist, designer, and leader in UX Design (XD), Customer Experience (CX) and Interaction Design (IxD) for award-winning products 



Translating an age-old institution into a contemporary online experience

My Role: Senior UX Designer

My Duties: interaction design (wireframes), content strategy, creation of a design system, sitemap

Project Overview: We needed to redesign SAG-AFTRA’s current site into a responsive site that focused on user needs instead of the needs of the union.

Solution: This redesign project was about user-focused, user-friendly design. Effective, engaging content played a crucial role in the site’s success.

The current site is very content heavy, so we took an atomic design approach. By designing modules based on the different content needs of the user, we are able to think about content first and foremost. Once each module has been designed, they are easily placed in a page template. This allows the user in the CMS to easily build a page based on the content needs of that page.

The redesigned website strengthens the relationship between the organization and its members through its content and optimal utility.


Site Map

SAG-AFTRA is a content heavy site. In order to really figure out the direction of the redesign, i first had to create a site map. The site map was designed and built based on a full content audit and strategy of the old site. Once we figured out the site map, it was much easier to figure out what content would live in what module.


Module Design

Coming up with a module system for the content on SAG-AFTRA was really the grunt of the design work. Being able to categorize the abundance of content and placing it into a module category the content editors could thenplace into specific pages made the process of redesigning and populating the site much easier.


Template Design

Once I designed the entire module system, I needed to wireframe important templates to give the visual designers a sense of how the site works and gave the content editors a direction on how to build a page.

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